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George B. Catlin


Catlin, George B. The Story of Detroit. Detroit: The Detroit News, 1923.

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Catlin, George B. Local History of Detroit and Wayne County. Volume 3 of Michigan Pioneer and Historical Society and Michigan Historical Commission, Historic Michigan: Land of the Great Lakes, edited by George N. Fuller. Dayton, OH: National Historical Association, Inc, 1928.

Also at Hathi • The full title of the text is Historic Michigan: Land of the Great Lakes: Its Life, Resources, Industries, People, Politics, Government, Wars, Institutions, Achievements, the Press, Schools and Churches, Legendary and Prehistoric Lore.

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Catlin also wrote a volume three for Muskegon County of the same Historic Michigan: "Volume 3 containing local history of Muskegon county, edited by George B. Catlin."


Robert Budd Ross and George Byron Catlin. Landmarks of Wayne County and Detroit. Revised by Clarence M. Burton. Detroit: Evening News Association, 1898.

The versions of two editions of this book were abysmally copied by Google. Pages are clipped, missing, and smudged. You'll need to look at both versions in hopes of getting one legible copy. One Edition: https://books.google.com/books?id=doMbAQAAMAAJ Another edition: https://books.google.com/books?id=xmQ0AQAAMAAJ

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