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Clarence M. Burton


Clarence M. Burton, photo from Early Detroit (1909), p. 9.


Clarence M. Burton was the historian of Detroit and wrote wrote many books about Detroit.

1. Five-Volume City of Detroit (1922)

Burton, Clarence M., editor-in-chief; William Stocking and Gordon K. Miller, associated editors. The City of Detroit, Michigan, 1701-1922. Detroit: S. J. Clarke, 1922.

2. Compendium History (1909)

Burton, Clarence M. Compendium of History and Biography of the City of Detroit and Wayne County, Michigan. Chicago: Henry & Taylor, 1909.

3. History of Detroit 1780-1850: Financial and Commercial

Burton, Clarence M. History of Detroit 1780 to 1850: Financial and Commercial. Detroit: n.p., 1917.

4. History of Wayne County and the City of Detroit (1930)


Title: History of Wayne County and the city of Detroit, Michigan Authors: Burton, Clarence Monroe, City of Publication: Chicago : Publisher: S.J. Clarke Pub. Co., Date: 1930 Page Count: 3811 Notes: Vols. 1-2: paged continuously. Vols. 3-5: biographical. Includes indexes.

5. Burton, Clarence M., comp. "Cadillac's Village" or "Detroit Under Cadillac" with list of property owners and a history of the settlement 1701 to 1710. Detroit: by the author, 1895. https://books.google.com/books?id=-r5YAAAAMAAJ

6. Burton, C. M. Early Detroit: A Sketch of Some of the Interesting Affairs of the Olden Time. Detroit: 1909.

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