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ThingInstitutionHospitalPublic While it may seem odd for an article about a hospital to show up on a site dedicated to transportation, Grace Hospital was a philanthropy of Michigan industrial capitalists James A. McMillan, John S. Newberry, Dexter M. Ferry, and others. It was founded in 1888 by James A. McMillan and named after his daughter Grace McMillan Jarvis.


A WWW search will find plenty of references to Detroit's Grace Hospital, but as a medical institution most of those results will focus on medicine and medical services. Few of them are historically oriented. Here's a curated list:


Some archival records relating to Grace Hospital are held by the Walter P. Reuther Library, Wayne State University, Detroit.


Natasha Rogers, "History of Grace Hospital", Student Blogger Series in Urban Affairs, Walter P. Reuther Library, Wayne State University, May 13, 2013.

A short institutional history of the hospital.

Burr, C. B., editor. The Medical History of Michigan Compiled and edited by a committee of the Michigan State Medical Society?. 2 volumes. Minneapolis and Saint Paul, MN: The Bruce Publishing Company, 1930.

This was a comprehensive history of the development of medicine and health institutions in the state to 1930. Included in this text are some reminiscences of medical practitioners and institutional administrators, and so some of this material is primary. Grace Hospital is discussed in somewhat detail in the article by S. H. Knight, "Homeopathy in Detroit", vol. 1, pp. 542-543, and Dr. Richard R. Smith, "The History of Hospitals and Nursing in Michigan," vol. II, pp. 599-728 (see, in particular, the section titled "Detroit Hospitals" starting at II-601 and the section "Grace Hospital School for Nurses, Detroit, 1889," starting at p. II-663. Smith's chapter seems to have been edited for re-publication on, first, the Elderweb site (dated March 21, 2013) and, later, SeniorLiving.org (Ft. Lauderdale, FL).

Volume I @ LOC — • — Volume II @ LOC — • — Hathi Trust Record (access limited)

There are also many historical references to Grace Hospital found in the many county histories and Detroit histories. However, many of these related to individuals such as doctors who worked at Grace. A diligent review of these sources will pull together the facts of an institutional history.

Tertiary sources

Historic Detroit: "Grace Hospital"

This article talks much more about Harry Houdini than about the establishment of Grace Hospital

Wikipedia: "Sinai-Grace Hospital"

has a short history heading that merely notes when and how Grace Hospital was established, it's nursing program, and its merger with Sinai Hospital.

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