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Willis F. Dunbar was born in Hartford, Michigan, in 1902. He did his undergraduate work at Kalamazoo College, completing the B.A. in 1924. He entered the graduate school at the University of Michigan sometime in the 1930s, completing the Ph.D. in 1939. He seems to have been on the history faculty of Kalamazoo College? during the time that he was in graduate school because he was promoted to Dean of the College in 1938. While at Kalamazoo, he found an extra-curricular occupation as the band director. He also wrote the college's Alma Mater song.

In 1943, Dunbar left Kalamazoo and went into broadcasting finding work as the Director of Education and Public Affairs of the Fetzer Broadcasting Company. He was a news analyst and presenter on the culture and history of Michigan.

In 1951, he joined the history faculty of Western Michigan University?Western Michigan University. In 1960, he was selected as department chair. In 1953, he worked with the Michigan Historical Commission documenting Michigan's historical sites in an effort to persuade the state legislature to revive a historical marking program approved in 1941 but abandoned during World War II. Through his research, the Commission was successful and Michigan's historical marker program began in 1955.1

He was somewhat active in local affairs, serving on the city commission and chairing the community chest and the Symphony Society. He was a president of the Historical Society of Michigan and the Michigan Historical Commission.Historical Society of MichiganMichigan Historical Commission

He was awarded an honorary Doctor of Laws at Kalamazoo College in 1965.2

Dunbar died in 1970.

Dunbar is important to the history of Michigan for various reasons. For decades, his History of the Wolverine State had been the best single-volume history of the state. With revisions by George May, the work has remained important for half a century. What makes Wolverine State significant is the detail to which Dunbar goes, because of his specialty research, into the topics of religion and education (chapters 7-10 and 13-14). No other general text goes into the social and culture history of the early 19th century Michigan to this level.

Dunbar is also to be recognized for his All Aboard! which, until Graydon M. Meints's Railroads for Michigan, was the best general history of railroads for the state. It is still a great starting point for learning the history of railroading in Michigan.Railroad


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