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Electra Maria Sheldon Stewart


Wilson, James Grant, and John Fiske, eds. s.v. "Stewart, Electra Maria Sheldon." Appleton's Cyclopædia of American Biography, Volume 5. New York: D. Appleton, 1888.

STEWART, Electra Maria Sheldon, author, born in Le Roy, Genesee County, New York, 6 September, 1817. She was educated in Detroit, Michigan, whither she removed with her parents when she was very young. She edited the "Literary Cabinet" in Detroit in 1853-54, contributed ten sketches to the state pioneer collections of Michigan, and is the author of several Sunday-school books, under the name of Electra Maria Sheldon ; and The Early History of Michigan (New York: A.S. Barnes & Company, 1858).

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