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Charles R. Tuttle (1848-??) is the author of twenty-eight books, most of which are historical topics dealing with the Great Lakes States and Canada. The remainder are general audience works. Tuttle worked as a school teacher in Nova Scotia, and as journalist in Boston and Winnipeg. He was the publisher of the Winnipeg Daily Times. Served also in several small local government positions while in Winnipeg. He was on the Gordon Expedition to Hudson Bay (1884) after which he moved to Chicago.


By Tuttle

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Tuttle, Charles Richard, comp. General History of the State of Michigan: with Biographical Sketches, Portrait Engravings, and Numerous Illustrations: A Complete History of the Peninsular State from Its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time. Detroit: R.D.S. Tyler & Co., 1873.

University of Michigan copy — • — Library of Congress copy — • — Harvard University copy — • — Yale University copy — • — Cornell University copy — • — New York Public Library copy — • — University of Alberta copy — • — University of Alberta copy — • — Pennsylvania State University copy

Tuttle, Charles Richard. History of Grand Rapids: with biographical sketches. Grand Rapids: Tuttle & Cooney, 1874.

University of Michigan copy — • — New York Public Library copy

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